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[Music] SinAfrican ‘oldies but goodies’: Nigerian singer Hao Ge (郝歌) singing 草原上升起不落的太阳 (plus bonus)

And a ‘sino-soviet-afro’ tribute to Lei Feng bonus 🙂


[Media report]: Go East and Prosper: Africans Communities in Guangzhou

By Jefferson Mendoza for

Standing between the junction of Xiaobei Lu and Huanshi Lu, the surrounding one-kilometer radius is home to many African businesses and other visible minorities. It’s brimming with activities on a sunny afternoon and walking through one particular alleyway, you can see street vendors selling snacks, gadgets, and clothing racks while Halal butchers display their freshly mutton cuts, hanging nonchalantly just a few steps away.

 As you continue through the alley, more barbecued goods like the 20 RMB tilapias are showcased for passersby to gawk at.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 6.07.43 pm

Young girl in Dengfeng. Photo: Ray Smith

Indeed, this area of the city has long been considered the most multicultural district. With each passing year, the African community is growing, according to local officials. Some estimate the number to be around 10,000, while African researchers have estimated the number to be higher. Since the country widened its open-door policy in the late 1990s, expatriates from Africa have made Guangzhou their new home – either momentarily or indefinitely. But their presence has shed light on the changing faces of the population, while the local government is grappling with how to deal with the emergence of a new set of foreigners. [CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING]

[Podcast] How many Africans are there in Guangzhou, China? (repost)

Africans in China

A podcast for The China Africa Project: Tens of thousands of Africans now live in #China, largely in the southern city of #Guangzhou. Just as it’s impossible to calculate how many Chinese live in #Africa, the opposite is also true making it difficult to determine how big the African community is in China.

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[Podcast]: Land of Opportunity: Africans in China (Documentary)*

Listen to the latest podcast by Eric Olander and Cobus van Staden, from The China Africa Project, where they talk to Melissa Lefkowitz about her project to produce a documentary that chronicles the opportunities and challenges confronting Africans in Guangzhou.

*To my knowledge, there are currently six documentaries being made by Americans about Africans in China. Six! What’s going on? :).

[Research]: State Regulation of Undocumented African Migrants in China: A Multi-scalar Analysis >>EXCERPT<<

by Shanshan Lan, Journal of African and Asia Studies (2014)