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[Podcast] Sino-Africa marriages in China: ’til death do us part?’

Listen to the latest podcast by Eric Olander and Cobus van Staden, from The China Africa Project 

A marriage boom of sorts is underway in China where a growing number of African men are tying the knot with Chinese women. While these new families are breaking long-held cultural stereotypes, they are also confronting a whole set of new challenges in the form of China’s byzantine legal system. The South China Morning Post’s Jenni Marsh joins us to discuss her reporting on these new unions and the difficulties ahead for these Sino-African newlyweds.


[News]: An UNUSUAL case of violence against Africans in China: Cameroonian singer stabbed to death in Fuzhou


A Cameroonian national was stabbed to death in Fuzhou, Fujian Province at 4am June 15th, after being chased down by what has been described as a group of Chinese men.

The man has been identified as Ambe George, an MC known as The One.

Details of the murder remain unclear, but according to an eyewitness in a Chinese news report, the attack occurred in the entertainment area of Fuxin Rd, close to Fuzhou’s Yuefeng building.

The eyewitness told reporters that he was calling a friend in the neighborhood when he suddenly heard a commotion behind him. He then saw a dark-skinned man run out from the Yuefeng building being chased by a number of men, at least one brandishing a knife. [CONTINUE READING HERE] [Shanghaiist Report HERE]

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[Photo]: Africans in Guangzhou, a photo collection

Click on the image to see the full ‘AfroChina’ archive collection (some 300 images)

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[Media Reports]: Nigerian Hausa community in Guangzhou

[Music] Trans-African nights in Guangzhou, China: D8 Show Bar vs. Rich Club #bringbackourgirls #naija

Two great events on the same day: factional struggles in Guangzhou’s African music scene? Don’t miss out! 
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