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[News] SinoAfrican (criminal) gangs in Southern China

News reports have been circulating in regional media about the arrest of a ‘highly organised’ foreign mafia in Guangzhou (‘highly organised’ as in having accountants, priests, and uniforms). Reports talk about Chinese citizens also involved in the gang, called ‘Freedom Fighters’, that was focused on drug dealing and robberies. – Interestingly, direct (textual) references to the nationalities/origin of the ‘foreigners’ involved have been avoided, or latter removed from news reports (both in Mainland and HK).
Chinese media report:
HK’s media report:
Chinese police arrest 16 suspected members of ‘highly organised foreign mafia’ in Guangzhou

[Research] Mobility and the Transiency of Social Spaces: African Merchant Entrepreneurs in China >>EXCERPT<<

Bork-Huffer et al. (2015). Population, Space and Place.

Micro-review (Want to review this article? Contact me by email)

[Documentary] China Remix: African migrant life in Guangzhou – CAP Podcast

A China Africa Project podcast with the directors of the documentary – Melissa Lefkowitz and Dorian Carli-Jones

Want to learn more about China Remix? Have a look at the trailer, or read this interview in Beyond ChinaTown.

[Research] CALL FOR REVIEWS: Review an academic article about Africans in China! CALLS FOR 300w micro-REVIEWS of relevant literature (i.e. articles, books & documentaries) on the topic of African presence in China (and Greater China). If you’re interested in reviewing, choose an article from this list and write a review. Send it, and it’ll get published. No anonymous reviewers. 谢谢啦!

[Research] Special Issue on Africans in China @ the journal of pan-African studies

Special issue on Africans in China guest edited by pioneer researcher Adams Bodomo for the journal of pan-African studies

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.56.35 pm

CONTENTS – reviews coming soon!

Africans in China: Guangzhou and Beyond – Issues and Reviews
by guest editor Adams Bodomo
[ view PDF ]

African Diaspora in China: Reality, Research and Reflection
by Li Anshan
[ view PDF ]

African Traders in Yiwu: Their Trade Networks and their Role in the Distribution of “Made In China” Products in Africa
by Daouda Cissé
[ view PDF ]

Networks, Spheres of Influence and the Mediation of Opportunity: The Case of West African Trade Agents in China
by Laurence Marfaing and Alena Thiel
[ view PDF ]

Structure and Agency: Africana Immigrants in China
by Carlton Jama Adams
[ view PDF ]

African University Students in China’s Hong Kong
by Chak-pong Gordon Tsui and Hei-hang Hayes Tang
[ view PDF ]

Counting Beans: Some Empirical and Methodological Problems for Calibrating the African Presence in Greater China
by Adams Bodomo and Caroline Pajancic
[ view PDF ]