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[CAP Podcast] Chinese racist views towards blacks and Africans

Podcast from The China Africa Project, by Eric Olander and Cobus Van Staden

Click here to access Viola Rothschild’s Foreign Policy article discussed in the Podcast


[Media Reports] The Kenyan woman on Chinese death row

The story of a young mother who has been sentenced to death in China has gripped Kenyans, as they use her case to discuss the influence of China in Africa.

In May 2013, Floviance Razan Owino left her one-year-old daughter with her sister in Nairobi, with the promise that she was going to seek work elsewhere to support her. Her sister told BBC Trending that she heard briefly from Floviance a few days later. But after that nothing – she was absent for two long years.

Then last Thursday, the phone rang. A mystery caller, from distant China, informed the family that she had just been sentenced to death for drugs smuggling in Beijing.

The family were confused. They took to social media to try and verify if Owino was in fact in China. [KEEP READING HERE]

[Community] A Congolese petitioning in China: ‘Chongqing Municipal Police: Release information in relation to Gerald Allah-Ompolo’s case’

A petition submitted to

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 7.47.04 pm

“UPDATE: Gerald has been informed that his trial date has been put back to June 2nd, giving more time for the release of the evidence to take place. This is good news. Please continue to support this petition and Gerald’s pursuit of justice by sharing and signing.

Why this is important

When an African student and his girlfriend were attacked by a group of racists, in China, he was arrested by the same police that they called to their defence. Furthermore he’s not had any evidence released to him or his embassy and no action is being taken against his attackers.

Gerald Allah-Ompolo is the Congolese son of a doctor and customs official from Brazzaville. When he was at school he enjoyed literature and had dreams of being a judge. He studied Law in Brazzaville, before moving to China 7 years ago, to study to be a legal translator. He first went to Beijing and fell in love with the country, before deciding he wanted to study in a place with fewer foreigners, so he could get a deeper understanding of China. 4 years ago he moved to Chongqing in China, where he was drawn to the local culture, a year later he met his girlfriend and things have been going very well, excepting an incident on 17th August 2014.” (KEEP READING HERE)

[Éducation] Saga Africa À Hong Kong Uni !

Via Trait-d-union, le magazine de la communauté Francophone au PRD

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.02.59 pm

« Africa at Hong-Kong U ». C’est sous ce nom fédérateur que le département « Etudes Africaines » de l’université hongkongaise organise chaque semestre un événement pour faire découvrir un pays du continent africain. Un département créé en septembre 2014, dirigé par le docteur Facil Tesfaye assisté de professeur Roberto Castillo (spécialiste des relations sino-africaines).  Après l’Angola en novembre 2014, l’Ethiopie était à l’honneur le 31 mars dernier. Si le but de ces événements réguliers est pédagogique, le département se positionne au quotidien comme une plateforme destinée à revaloriser l’image de l’Afrique tout en coupant court aux préjugés négatifs. A l’heure où la coopération Chine / Afrique est une réalité, le département « Études africaines » connait un succès croissant auprès d’étudiants chinois avides de découvertes. Un encouragement et une bouffée d’optimisme pour le directeur du département. Propos recueillis par Philippe Dova

Trait d’Union : Quel est l’objectif de ces rencontres ?

Docteur Facil Tesfaye : L’objectif est de sensibiliser les étudiants à la diversité mais également à la complexité du continent africain, composé de différents pays, différents groupes culturels.

C’est une découverte pour eux ?

Ce n’est pas du tout évident ! A chaque début de trimestre les étudiants n’ont quasiment aucune connaissance sur l’Afrique ! Ils savent reconnaître le bloc sur le planisphère mais sont incapables de localiser les pays. Mon travail consiste à leur montrer que l’Afrique est un continent complexe ! Cet évènement était ouvert à toute la communauté de l’université mais nous pratiquons cela aussi dans les cours que nous proposons.

Quel est le contenu de ces cours ?

Nous sommes deux professeurs dont un à temps partiel spécialisé sur les cours de relations Chine Afrique. A travers ses cours il s’emploie à montrer aux étudiants que les relations sino-africaines ne datent pas d’il y a cinq ou six ans comme il serait facile de le penser mais remontent à des centaines d’années. Les échanges entre le continent asiatique, en particulier la Chine et le continent africain sont très anciens. Nous avons aussi un cours d’introduction des études africaines destiné à sensibiliser de manière très académique les étudiants à un continent très vaste, très complexe, très divers.

Quel est le profil de vos étudiants, quelles sont leurs attentes ?

Il n’y a pas vraiment de profil spécifique… [continuez à lire ici]

[Community] Trials and tribulations of foreigners in China: ‘on the sad reality of blacks in the PRC’

Via Faaji House

Dear family! Please read this message carefully, this is the story of a countryman living in Chongqing through which the association seeks the assistance of the entire Congolese, or foreigners, or black community

Hello, I am a student of Master degree Congolese (Congo Brazzaville), residing in the People’s Republic of China, in the city of Chongqing in southern China. My name Allah Ompolo Gerald. After so many years, Sunday, August 17, 2014 in downtown Chongqing I was attacked by seven young Chinese people including 3 girls and 4 boys. The cause “I have a Chinese girlfriend” verbal aggression first, xenophobic … I did not say a word. But my girlfriend responded in these terms “black is not a person?”

Well then one of them braked loose and started to beat my girlfriend when I started to apologize the other 2 attack too. Meanwhile three people were hitting my Chinese girlfriend. I managed to drive her away, once gone, she alerted the police.

These young people had bottles to hit me, in fact I defended myself, gave a single punch at one of them! The police arrived then embarked me for interrogation, then after two weeks in prisons without reason, they told me the guy who received my fist was in the hospital and had surgery, so I had to pay money.

After 2 weeks my embassy paid a bail of 30,000 RMB. Despite the surveillance video which prove my innocence, the testimony of the witnesses and my girlfriend, after so many interview … The police, justice, and the family of the alleged patient that I have never seen, accuse me of intentional injury.

The most serious is that until this day neither I nor my embassy have seen the “patient”, and the police refuse to use the surveillance video, we have not received any bills or receipt as proof of the expenses of the young man, I no longer go to class since this story because the school wants me to rule over this problem before I can go back, I live with a friend, my passport has been confiscated… I do absolutely nothing here I am waiting for a trial I’m losing. The family of young man and police want me to pay 700,000 RMB ($116,000). A colossal amount that both Parent and my friends do not understand. This amount is worth 2 houses in China.

I live a nightmare, my embassy is seized. On 19 of this month(May, 2015) I pass on trial, with a great risk to go to jail if I not agree to pay because I already received threatening phone calls, I beg you! And please check out this story closely. Currently all expacts in Chongqing want to be there the day of the trial because it is unheard of. They have no proof of guilt I have not done anything in this story all the blame falls to me, this is my story.