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[Entertainment] Limpopo King touring China

Nigerian superstar, KCEE – aka Limpopo King – will be touring Beijing (24/7) and Guangzhou (25/7) this week.

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[Soccer] Guangzhou’s Fuli attracts African supporters

Guangzhou’s Fuli (广州富力), a recently founded soccer team in the city (2011), seems to be gathering a significant African fan base. The crowd in the pictures below is mainly Nigerian, and their presence in the stadium is partly related to the fact that Nigerian strikers, Yakubu Aiyegbeni (‘The Yak’) and, of late, Aaron Samuel Olanare have been among the club’s stars. However, the recent acquisition of Congolese striker Jeremy Bokila (2015) seems to be set to attract the city’s Congolese community to the stadium as well. Will the Blue Lions gain more supporters among the various African communities in town? To be seen…

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