3 comments on “Photography

  1. Like that picture of the movie poster “Chandni Chowk to China”. Anyways, this is great collection documenting the african lives in China. good job!

  2. 东海棠

    I was curious about the black community in my hometown Guangzhou (Last time I went back was in 2013, and I was amazed passing by that neighborhood, which used to be a lot quieter in my memory) but could not find anything except for a few racist comments, until I saw this!
    Those portraits taken on the bridge were so lively and powerful! Grey air and concrete buildings that I have always hated simply made people’s colorful style stand out beautifully.
    Oh, and the video showing all those small businesses! Spinning weird toys and suspicious medical paste! I laughed so hard.
    Thank you for making this project. It means a lot!

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