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[Follow up] 非诚勿扰: Africans in China in Chinese popular culture – ‘You are the one’

Following up from this previous post on representation of Africans in contemporary Chinese popular culture (i.e. the case of Xiao De in 非诚勿扰 – Feicheng wurao), this week this popular dating show featured their first ever black African male participant: Wei Long (26) from Namibia.

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 7.31.10 PM

Wei Long, a Namibian Meteorology student from Nanjing, chose Xiao De as his dating target only to be utterly rejected by the so-called ‘African princess’

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 7.41.39 PM

The rejection: Guinean Xiao De (24 – right) tells Namibian Wei Long (26) that she’s not interested in dating African men, that she’s only looking for a Chinese boyfriend. Xiao De continuously accuses African men for being real machos and claims that she has the right to go Chinese in her likes.

See the full episode below (Mandarin):

2 comments on “[Follow up] 非诚勿扰: Africans in China in Chinese popular culture – ‘You are the one’

  1. Based on the research paper I wrote in 2011, none of the foreign men (Egyptian, white etc.) get a match with a girl on the show. CONSPIRACY!

    • Roberto Castillo

      Dear Wendy, I’d be very interested in reading that research paper. Any links?

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