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[Music] Sierra Leonan singer Mariatu Kargbo with ‘Marry a Chinese’ #SinoAfrica 嫁给中国人

While much attention is paid to male (mainly West African) singers in China. Sierra Leonan, Mariatu Kargbo has been performing in China for several years.



By Wu Xiujie, for (2012) 

Mariatu Kargbo, a 5 feet 8 inches tall mixed-race girl from Sierra Leone, is now a singer based in China. People here have given her the nickname Luminous Black Pearl Maria. In China, luminous pearl is regarded as a symbol of nobility and happiness and is often used as a metaphor for beautiful and loving young ladies.

In 2009, Kargbo became the only contestant in the Miss World history to win two awards in the same section – Miss World Talent and Miss World Dress Designer. She is regarded as a super star in her native Sierra Leone.

While talking with Kargbo, one can easily feel her gentle temperament, intelligence, open mindedness, and mature personality which perhaps has much to do with her difficult childhood period.

Kargbo was born in Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone. “My father passed away when I was three months old. And my mom fell ill while giving birth to me,” Kargbo said, “I had to engage in some small businesses in the street, like selling ice water, to support my family and make money for my schooling.”

“But the money earned this way was far from enough. I then started to sing and dance when I was eight years old. I went around with a performing group to different countries to perform, model, sing and dance,” she said. As Kargbo struggled to make a living, she did not know that a life-changing opportunity was awaiting her 6,000 miles away, in China…


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2 comments on “[Music] Sierra Leonan singer Mariatu Kargbo with ‘Marry a Chinese’ #SinoAfrica 嫁给中国人

  1. Angela Lewis

    Sorry if I am late with this (you may know all about it already), but have you seen the BBC 2 drama ‘One Child’, which starts with the murder of an African in Guangzhou? It premiered tonight at 9pm in the UK. Very surprising to see Africans in China given the dramatic starting point of a BBC show! For the first time, a UK audience will actually know there is an African community in China.


    • Roberto Castillo

      Thanks for this, Angela. Unfortunately, only people in the UK can watch this show at the moment. We’ll write a post on this as soon as we find time.

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