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The State of Racial Discourse in China



This is the third and final session of a three-part series exploring the Black American identity in China. This particular event will focus on attempting to assess the mainstream understanding of race and racial identity within China and reflecting on how the gaps between American and Chinese perceptions of these issues may continue to impact how Beijing is viewed abroad.

Panelists will analyze contemporary examples of discrimination and racism in China–particularly those against Black peoples– in order to explore how such incidents have affected perceptions of China within the US and on a broader scale.

We are excited to welcome our three panelists including Leland Lazarus, Speechwriter at U.S. Southern Command; Leslie Nguyen-Okwu, Asia Correspondent for Quartz; and Tabatha Anderson, Research Assistant at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. The moderator leading the discussion will be Alex Foote, Sustainability Associate Analyst at PepsiCo.

This event is hosted by The National Association for Black Engagement with Asia (NABEA), Black China Caucus (BCC), and supported by Spill Stories.

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