[Research] Special Issue on Africans in China @ the journal of pan-African studies

Special issue on Africans in China guest edited by pioneer researcher Adams Bodomo for the journal of pan-African studies

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CONTENTS – reviews coming soon!

Africans in China: Guangzhou and Beyond – Issues and Reviews
by guest editor Adams Bodomo
[ view PDF ]

African Diaspora in China: Reality, Research and Reflection
by Li Anshan
[ view PDF ]

African Traders in Yiwu: Their Trade Networks and their Role in the Distribution of “Made In China” Products in Africa
by Daouda Cissé
[ view PDF ]

Networks, Spheres of Influence and the Mediation of Opportunity: The Case of West African Trade Agents in China
by Laurence Marfaing and Alena Thiel
[ view PDF ]

Structure and Agency: Africana Immigrants in China
by Carlton Jama Adams
[ view PDF ]

African University Students in China’s Hong Kong
by Chak-pong Gordon Tsui and Hei-hang Hayes Tang
[ view PDF ]

Counting Beans: Some Empirical and Methodological Problems for Calibrating the African Presence in Greater China
by Adams Bodomo and Caroline Pajancic
[ view PDF ]

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