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[vlog] From Africa to China: Strange things we’ve done since moving to China #SinoAfrica

Recently launched blog ‘From Africa to China’ goes into vlog mode:



[Research] Healthcare-Seeking Practices of African and Rural-to-Urban Migrants in Guangzhou #SinoAfrica

By Tabea Bork-Huffer (2015) for the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs.

[Photography] Portraits of Africans in Guangzhou capture what may be the last days of China’s “Chocolate City”

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 9.02.47 pm

By Daniel Traub for Quartz Africa

On a pedestrian bridge in Guangzhou, on a summer evening in 2009, I came upon Wu Yong Fu—a man in his early thirties who worked on the bridge. Cradled in his left hand was a simple digital camera; his right hand held a placard made up of various photographic portraits laminated in plastic. As people walked by, he would sidle up and cajole them to have their picture taken. Wu emanated a kind of wistful charm that served him well for attracting customers.

This was not my first time on the bridge. In 2005, while photographing in Guangzhou, I came upon an area known as Xiaobeilu (Little North Road). Its crumbling old structures abutted modern glassy towers, while its narrow alleys bordered a vast, elevated highway system. The pedestrian bridge allowed safe passage over the arterial road that ran through the area. Wanting the highest perspective possible, I walked up the stairs onto the bridge. An immediate sense of openness, light and expanse could be felt. [Keep reading here]

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[Film] Kalybos in China: Behind the scenes

The behind the scenes of popular 2015 Ghanaian film ‘Kalybos in China‘.  This film is part of an emergent SinoAfrica filmic creation/exchange/cooperation. See here for more on SinoAfrica film & documentaries. If you know where to find the full online version of this film, please leave it in the comments.


Behind the scenes: