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[vlogs] Being Black in China: How to be a FOREIGNER in CHINA


[vlogs] Being Black in China: My experience so far, constant stares, natural hair…’


‘Being Black in China’ is a section of AfricansInChina.Net that features the true voices of vloggers/youtubers -hailing from all around China- talking about their personal experiences of ‘being black in China’. #BeingBlackInChina has been a trend on Youtube for some time now, and every year more and more black people in China resort to the ‘vlog’ format to express their opinions, and share their experiences. Thus, the main intention behind this section is to give voice to the multiple (sometimes contesting/contrasting) ‘African’/’Black’ experiences in the country. As you will see, many of the individual opinions showcased here contrast with media and academic accounts of experiences of blackness in China. Why is this? I’ll leave it to you. Meanwhile, I believe it’s important to listen to what people on the ground feel and have to say. Also, as a space from where to gauge public opinion, I hope this section helps students and scholars working on issues of ‘race’ and representation (in #SinoAfrica exchanges). The content will appear biweekly (or when available) under the label [vlogs]. The only criteria for choosing these videos will be length (under 15min) and a decent audio recording. does NOT always endorse the comments/contents in these videos.