Being Black in China Black China Caucus

Black China Caucus:

“Representation matters and discourse on China spanning across all disciplines and industries have historically excluded and continues to exclude the participation of Black China professionals. BCC was founded in March 2020, amidst the resurgence of public attention on the Black Lives Matter Movement, by likeminded Black professionals passionate about rectifying underrepresentation in the China space.

BCC strives to enhance the presence and participation of all self-identifying Black professionals specializing in any aspect that furthers the holistic understanding of China. The mission of BCC is accomplished by the creation of targeted resources aimed at enhancing the professional development and advancement of Black practitioners in the China space. BCC aims to promote an accessible and inclusive community of Black China specialists who are empowered to contribute their perspectives, add complexity of thought, and use their position to destigmatize discourse on race within China related disciplines and industries.

The BCC is an affirming community that commits to the inclusion for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and/or presentations, disability statuses, and backgrounds.

The BCC also welcomes professionals at all stages in their career, but has a focus on resources targeting the early- to mid-level range. While striving to identify and amplify Black China specialists, the BCC welcomes the engagement of all those who are in support of its mission and want to take action.”

Visit the Black China Caucus web here

From left to right: Maia Moore; Rasheed Griffith; Shahn Marc Savino; Kori Cooper; and Dr. Keisha Brown

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