Africans in China Being Black in China

Being black and mixed-race in China

Usual disclaimers about the often bad and typically biased reporting from VICE apply! Still an interesting piece and topic (and happy to see a former student as a talking head).

1 comment on “Being black and mixed-race in China

  1. brownafrican

    Thanks Roberto

    My thoughts:

    Mixing ethno-politics and ethnographic-nationalism is a dangerous thing – whether we consider Armenia, Germany WWII, or Rwanda. East Asia does have a massive issue, compounded with Eurocentric social and historical perspectives and a lack of knowledge on how East Asians have lived overseas. Publics have no idea of when the tables were turned, because to visit those histories is perceived as loss of face.

    More than ever, we need Chinese-African studies.

    Regards and hope you are well. My official graduation in the UK is today.


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