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[Community] Trials and tribulations of foreigners in China: ‘on the sad reality of blacks in the PRC’

Via Faaji House

Dear family! Please read this message carefully, this is the story of a countryman living in Chongqing through which the association seeks the assistance of the entire Congolese, or foreigners, or black community

Hello, I am a student of Master degree Congolese (Congo Brazzaville), residing in the People’s Republic of China, in the city of Chongqing in southern China. My name Allah Ompolo Gerald. After so many years, Sunday, August 17, 2014 in downtown Chongqing I was attacked by seven young Chinese people including 3 girls and 4 boys. The cause “I have a Chinese girlfriend” verbal aggression first, xenophobic … I did not say a word. But my girlfriend responded in these terms “black is not a person?”

Well then one of them braked loose and started to beat my girlfriend when I started to apologize the other 2 attack too. Meanwhile three people were hitting my Chinese girlfriend. I managed to drive her away, once gone, she alerted the police.

These young people had bottles to hit me, in fact I defended myself, gave a single punch at one of them! The police arrived then embarked me for interrogation, then after two weeks in prisons without reason, they told me the guy who received my fist was in the hospital and had surgery, so I had to pay money.

After 2 weeks my embassy paid a bail of 30,000 RMB. Despite the surveillance video which prove my innocence, the testimony of the witnesses and my girlfriend, after so many interview … The police, justice, and the family of the alleged patient that I have never seen, accuse me of intentional injury.

The most serious is that until this day neither I nor my embassy have seen the “patient”, and the police refuse to use the surveillance video, we have not received any bills or receipt as proof of the expenses of the young man, I no longer go to class since this story because the school wants me to rule over this problem before I can go back, I live with a friend, my passport has been confiscated… I do absolutely nothing here I am waiting for a trial I’m losing. The family of young man and police want me to pay 700,000 RMB ($116,000). A colossal amount that both Parent and my friends do not understand. This amount is worth 2 houses in China.

I live a nightmare, my embassy is seized. On 19 of this month(May, 2015) I pass on trial, with a great risk to go to jail if I not agree to pay because I already received threatening phone calls, I beg you! And please check out this story closely. Currently all expacts in Chongqing want to be there the day of the trial because it is unheard of. They have no proof of guilt I have not done anything in this story all the blame falls to me, this is my story.

2 comments on “[Community] Trials and tribulations of foreigners in China: ‘on the sad reality of blacks in the PRC’

  1. Li Ping H E Halleluya

    sorry mate. this sounds horrifying. I wish I can attend that trial. what is wrong with these Chinese people? my heart is filled with sorrows bcz of this story. sorry your my neighbor i come from Rwanda

  2. You that a community of people have a SERIOUS problem (that needs to be corrected) when you can go around the WORLD and find the SAME injustices…. A black man receives NO PEACE in this world….a threat to so many….simply because of the color of his skin and the propagandas plagued against him……and I’m here in America….so sad…

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