[Series] ‘One Child’, first ever BBC show portraying ‘Africans in Guangzhou’ #SinoAfrica


‘One Child’ is a new BBC TWO drama which has the stabbing/murder of an African in Guangzhou as a starting point. The show, however, is not so much about the murder of the African dude, but about a moment in the life of Mei (23) – a British woman who has to save a brother, who she has never met, from the death row.

The narrative line of the drama focuses on Mei trying to help her brother – who has been wrongly accused of the murder (of an African DJ outside a bar). Typical ‘China issues’ that eroticise Western audiences (and China bashers alike) are involved: Human Rights, One Child Policy, Death Penalty, Corruption, broken legal system (i.e. #antiChinaPorn). Having said that, other more interesting and real issues like those pertaining to the precarity that poor (internal) migrants have to live through are also portrayed.

While Nigerians in Guangzhou play a secondary role in the show, the representation of their ‘community offices’ seems pretty accurate.

For those of you in the UK, the show is available here. Outside bloody Britain, you can watch it through a VPN!

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 1.09.08 am


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