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[Interview] Ghanaians in China (Twi)


[Film] Kalybos in China: Behind the scenes

The behind the scenes of popular 2015 Ghanaian film ‘Kalybos in China‘.  This film is part of an emergent SinoAfrica filmic creation/exchange/cooperation. See here for more on SinoAfrica film & documentaries. If you know where to find the full online version of this film, please leave it in the comments.


Behind the scenes:




[Film] ‘Kalybos in China’, 2015 Ghanaian romantic comedy partly set in China

One of the few recent African movies that use China as a backdrop: Kalaybos in China

[Short Documentary] Chocolate Town – #SinoAfrican couple in Guangzhou

Although a bit old (pre-2011) and using some inaccurate figures, the story of the couple in this short documentary is very telling of what happens with many SinoAfrican couple’s in China.

[Media reports] Many Africans in Guangzhou earn more than local white-collar workers

By Zheng Caixiong for China Daily

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 12.09.42 pm

More than 20 percent of African people staying in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, are earning more than 30,000 yuan ($4,838) a month, according to a recent survey by Southern Metropolis Daily.

The newspaper in Guangzhou interviewed 204 people from more than 50 African nations.

Of the 165 interviewees who revealed their monthly income, 37 said they earn more than 30,000 yuan a month doing business in the southern city. The figure is higher than the average income of local white-collar workers.

Many African businesspeople think that Guangzhou has a wide range of good-quality products at competitive prices and that the business environment is getting better, the survey found. More than 50 percent of the African businesses in Guangzhou achieve a profit rate of between 50 and 100 percent.

“A shirt purchased at 50 yuan in Guangzhou can change hands for 100 yuan in my African mother-land,” an African businessman was quoted as saying.

Garments, silks, ceramics, handicrafts, electronics, toys, shoes and watches are the products many African businesspeople like to purchase in Guangzhou and ship to Africa, the survey said. [KEEP READING HERE] 

[Research]: Un-dreaming the ‘Chinese Dream’: precarity, solidarity and organisation amongst Africans in Guangzhou

Presentation version of a paper delivered at: Producing Anthropology, the 113th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association. Washington, DC, 3-7, 2014.