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[Opinion]: African migrants let down by the Chinese dream

by  @jenn1marsh for Aljazeera America

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On June 29, a nonprofit African diaspora organization, the Appreciate Africa Network, hosted the inaugural African Achievers’ Awards gala in Beijing to celebrate the successes of Africans carving out lives in Guangzhou, Beijing, Yiwu and countless other cities across mainland China.

The event highlighted the achievements of African newcomers, from small-business owners to diplomats, and took place a few miles east of the Great Hall of the People at the Landmark Hotel in downtown Beijing.

It also marked an awkward contrast with China’s hostility toward African migrants struggling to establish lives on Chinese soil. While the central government publicly welcomes the migrants, recent draconian visa legislation has sent a clear signal: Africans in China — even highly prosperous, educated economic contributors — are not welcome. [CONTINUE READING HERE]

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