[Media Reports] The Kenyan woman on Chinese death row

The story of a young mother who has been sentenced to death in China has gripped Kenyans, as they use her case to discuss the influence of China in Africa.

In May 2013, Floviance Razan Owino left her one-year-old daughter with her sister in Nairobi, with the promise that she was going to seek work elsewhere to support her. Her sister told BBC Trending that she heard briefly from Floviance a few days later. But after that nothing – she was absent for two long years.

Then last Thursday, the phone rang. A mystery caller, from distant China, informed the family that she had just been sentenced to death for drugs smuggling in Beijing.

The family were confused. They took to social media to try and verify if Owino was in fact in China. [KEEP READING HERE]

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