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[Podcast] How many Africans are there in Guangzhou, China? (repost)

Africans in China

A podcast for The China Africa Project: Tens of thousands of Africans now live in #China, largely in the southern city of #Guangzhou. Just as it’s impossible to calculate how many Chinese live in #Africa, the opposite is also true making it difficult to determine how big the African community is in China.

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2 comments on “[Podcast] How many Africans are there in Guangzhou, China? (repost)

  1. I think it’s impossible to get an accurate figure for both Africa’s and China’s residency in either’s lands.
    There is documentation that both Africa and China have known each other for at least 600 years.
    Knowledge of the interaction can be gleaned through
    the stories of the voyages of Ming dynasty’s Admiral Zheng He,
    Not only is he associated with the accurate world map of 1418
    he is also reputed to have given The Yongle Emperor (1360 – 1424).a Giraffe.
    which was painted by Shen Du (1357 – 1434).
    Some of the people of Lamu, Kenya, claim decent from Zhengs men who were shipwrecked.

  2. A picture of Shen Du’s paining is at :-
    and a larger one:-

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