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[Podcast] China was once a hot destination for African migrants, not anymore

Jenni Marsh talks to Eric Olander and Cobus Van Staden from The China Africa Project about her recent piece on Africans leaving Guangzhou


[Podcast] Outrage over the #RacistChineseAd: what did we learn?

Quoted articles:

‘Why the #RacistChineseAd MAY NOT be as racist as you think’:

‘Why the#RacistChineseAd MAY just be as racist as you think’:

Roberto Castillo’s Reply

And 8 (early) things I learnt from the #RacistChineseAd row


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[Podcast] The China Africa Project: ‘Race, culture and the politics of being black in China’

Our friends at The Africa China ProjectEric Olander and Cobus Van Staden, interview Nicole Bonnah, the creator of the blog Black Lives in China. Bonnah – a Beijing-based journalist – is originally from the United Kingdom and is currently embarking on an ambitious documentary film project about daily life for black immigrants living across China.

[Documentary] China Remix: African migrant life in Guangzhou – CAP Podcast

A China Africa Project podcast with the directors of the documentary – Melissa Lefkowitz and Dorian Carli-Jones

Want to learn more about China Remix? Have a look at the trailer, or read this interview in Beyond ChinaTown.

[Photography] How a little bridge in Guangzhou connects China & Africa

[Podcast] Sino-Africa marriages in China: ’til death do us part?’

Listen to the latest podcast by Eric Olander and Cobus van Staden, from The China Africa Project 

A marriage boom of sorts is underway in China where a growing number of African men are tying the knot with Chinese women. While these new families are breaking long-held cultural stereotypes, they are also confronting a whole set of new challenges in the form of China’s byzantine legal system. The South China Morning Post’s Jenni Marsh joins us to discuss her reporting on these new unions and the difficulties ahead for these Sino-African newlyweds.