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[Podcast] A Nigerian’s Guide to Manufacturing in China

Another great podcast from The China Africa Project.


[Entertainment] West Africans & their budding ‘China-made’ entertainment industry

“Rolling with NAK is a new tv talk show hosted by China-based Sierra Leone’s Neneh Ada Yang. Ada is an artiste, fashion designer, host, painter, collector and mum. Ada also has a foundation in China, Sierra leone, US and some other countries which supports the less privileged. The talk show is produced by her and hopes to have top dignitaries and celebrities based in China and those that are on tour in the country.”

[Music] The blessing of a rising Nigerian star in China

Nigerian celebrations, spectacle and tradition in Guangzhou, China. June 2016.

SANTY’s new release: Grace ‘Amara’

[Music] Nigerian-Chinese ‘cross cultural’ uniqueness: Chykii’s ‘Na God’ Ft Karen and Spy-Uc

It’s very simple. Sino-African encounters go way beyond economistic narratives of trade, commerce and ‘immigration’. Blame your social sciences training and your area study mentality and then, only then, enjoy this music. ;). BTW, in case you didn’t know, Nigerian tunes are the tunes of the future. #NigerianFuturisms

[Trade] Africans leaving China?: Nigerians opening up new offices in Guangzhou, China

Nigerian ANROC (ASSOCIATION OF REGISTERED COMPANY OPERATORS, CHINA) celebrates at their new office in GUANGDA BUSINESS CITY, Guangzhou, 30 June, 2016.