Academic Resources

List of the most relevant academic resources on African presence in China – Entries appear in a chronological order 

45. Zhou, Min et al. 2016. “Entrepreneurship and interracial dynamics: a case study of self-employed Africans and Chinese in Guangzhou, China”. Ethnic and Racial Studies.


44. Gilles, Angelo. 2015. “The social construction of Guangzhou as a translocal trading place”. Journal of Current Chinese Affairs.


43. Bork-Huffer, Tabea. 2015. “Health care seeking practices of African and rural-to-urban migrants in Guangzhou”. Journal of Current Chinese Affairs.


42. Castillo, Roberto. 2015. “Landscapes of aspiration in Guangzhou’s African music scene: beyond the trading narrative”. Journal of Current Chinese Affairs.


41.   Mathews, Gordon. 2015. “African logistics agents and middlemen as cultural brokers in Guangzhou”. Journal of Current Chinese Affairs.


40. Mathews, Gordon. 2015. “Taking copies from China past customs: routines, risks, and the possibility of catastrophe”. Journal of Borderland Studies.


39. Bischoff, Paul-Henri. 2015. “African transnationalism in China: at the interface of local, transnational, bilateral and multilateral responses”. Journal of Asian and African Studies.

38. Lan, Shanshan. 2015. “Transnational business and family strategies among Chinese/Nigerian couples in Guangzhou and Lagos”. Asian Anthropology.

37. Huynh, Tu. 2015. “A ‘Wild West of trade? African women and men and the gendering of globalisation from below in Guangzhou”. Identities: Global Studies in Identity and Power.

36. Marfaing, Laurence & Thiel, Alena. 2015. “Networks, spheres of influence and the mediation of opportunity: the case of West African trade agents in China”. The Journal of Pan African Studies.

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35. Cisse, Daouda. 2015. “African traders in Yiwu: their trade networks and their role in the distribution of ‘Made in China’ Products in Africa”. The Journal of Pan African Studies.

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34. Li, Anshan. 2015. “African Diaspora in China: Reality, research and reflection”. The Journal of Pan African Studies.

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33. Bork-Huffer et al., 2015. “Mobility and the Transiency of Social Spaces: African Merchant Entrepreneurs in China”. Population, Space and Place.

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32. Castillo, Roberto. 2015. “‘Homing’ Guangzhou: emplacement, belonging and precarity amongst Africans in China’. International Journal of Cultural Studies.

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31. Bork-Huffer, Tabea & Yuan-Ihle, Yuan. 2014. “The management of foreigners in China: changes to the migration law and regulations during the late Hu-Wen and early Xi-Li eras and their potential effects”. International Journal of China Studies (PDF

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30. Liang, Yucheng. 2014. “The causal mechanism of migration behaviours of African immigrants in Guangzhou: from the perspective of cumulative causation theory”. The Journal of Chinese Sociology. 

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29. Lavinia Lin et al., 2014. “Health care experiences and and perceived barriers to health care access: a qualitative study among African migrants in Guangzhou”. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health.


28. Bork-Huffer et al., 2014. “Global change, national development goals, urbanisation and international migration in China: African migrants in Guangzhou and Foshan”. Megacities.


27. Mathews et al., 2014. “How to evade states and slip past borders: lessons from traders, overstayers, and asylum seekers in Hong Kong and China”. City and Society 26(2): 217-238.

26. Castillo, Roberto. 2014. “Feeling at home in the “Chocolate City”: an exploration of place-making practices and structures of belonging amongst Africans in Guangzhou. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 15 (2).

25. Bodomo, Adams. 2014. “The African Traveller and the Chinese Customs Official: Ethnic Minority Profiling at Border Check Points in Hong Kong and China? Journal of African American Studies (June 2014).

24. Lan, Shanshan. 2014. “State Regulation of Undocumented African Migrants in China: A Multi-scalar Analysis.” Journal of African and Asian Studies.

23. Bredeloup Silvye. 2014 “West-African Students Turned Entrepreneurs in Asian Trading Posts : A new facet of Globalization.” American Journal of Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural Systems (UAS), Special Issue on African Global Migration

22. Pang, Ching Lin, and Ding Yuan. 2013. “Chocolate City as a Concept and as a visible African Space of Change and Diversity.” 对经济社会转型的探讨:中国的城市化,工业化和民族文化传承/黄忠彩,张继焦。

21. Muller, Angelo, and Rainer Wehrhahn. 2013. “Transnational business networks of African intermediaries in China: practices of networking and the role of experiential knowledge” – DIE ERDE 144(1): 82-97.

20. Haugen, Heidi. 2013. “China’s recruitment of African university students: policy efficacy and unintended outcomes.” Globalisation, Societies and Education 11 (3).

19. Haugen, Heidi. 2013.African Pentecostal Migrants in China: Marginalization and the Alternative Geography of a Mission Theology.” African Studies Review 56 (1): 81-102.

18. Han, Huamei. 2013. “Individual grassroots multilingualism in Africa Town in Guangzhou: the role of states in globalisation.” International Multilingual Research Journal 7 (1): 83-97.

17. Lyons, Michal et al. 2012. “In the Dragon’s Den: African Traders in Guangzhou.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 38 (5): 869-888.

16. Bredeloup, Sylvie. 2012. “African Trading Post in Guangzhou: Emergeng or Recurrent Commercial Form?” African Diaspora 5 (1): 27-50.

15. Bodomo, Adams, and Grace Ma. 2012. “We Are What We Eat: Food in the Process of Community Formation and Identity Shaping among African Traders in Guangzhou and Yiwu.” African Diaspora 5 (1): 3-26.

14. Bodomo, Adams. 2012. Africans in China: A Sociocultural Study and its Implications on Africa-China Relations. New York: Cambria Press.

13. Haugen, Heidi. 2012. “Nigerians in China: A Second State of Immobility.” International Migration 50 (2): 65–80.

12. Li, Zhigang, Michael Lyons, and Alison Brown. 2012. “China’s Chocolate City: An Ethnic Enclave in a Changing Landscape.” African Diaspora 5 (1): 51–72.

11. Mathews, Gordon, and Yang. 2012. “How Africans Pursue Low-End Globalization in Hong Kong and Mainland China.” Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 41 (2): 95–120.

10. Haugen, Heidi. 2011. “Chinese Exports to Africa: Competition, Complementarity and Cooperation between Micro-Level Actors.” Forum for Development Studies 38: 157–176.

9. Bodomo, Adams, and Grace Ma. 2010. “From Guangzhou to Yiwu: Emerging Facets of the African Diaspora in China. International Journal of African Renaissance Studies 5 (2).

8. Bodomo, Adams. 2010. “The African Trading Community in Guangzhou: An Emerging Bridge for Africa-China Relations.” China Quarterly 203: 693–707.

7. Bertoncello, Brigitte, and Sylvie Bredeloup. 2009. “Chine-Afrique ou la valse des entrepreneurs-migrants.” Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales 25 (1): 45–70.

6. Li, Zhigang, Laurence J. C. Ma, and Desheng Xue. 2009. “An African Enclave in China: The Making of a New Transnational Urban Space.” Eurasian Geography and Economics 50 (6): 699–719.

5. Le Bail, Helene. 2009. Foreign Migration to China’s City-Markets: the Case of African Merchants.” Asie Visions 19: 1-24.

4. Rennie, Namvula. 2009. “The Lion and the Dragon: African Experiences in China.” Journal of African Media Studies 1 (3): 379-414.

3. Zhang, Li. 2008. “Ethnic Congregation in a Globalizing City: The Case of Guangzhou, China. Cities 25 (6): 383–395.

2. Li, Zhigang, Desheng Xue, Lyons Michael, and Alison Brown. 2008. “The African Enclave of Guangzhou: A Case Study of Xiaobeilu.” Acta Geographica Sinica 63 (2): 207–218.

1. Bertoncello, Brigitte, and Sylvie Bredeloup. 2007. “The Emergence of New African ‘Trading Posts’ in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.” China Perspectives 1: 94-105.

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